Kimberly Baker is an artist, researcher and educator. She practices A/R/Tography, which is a research methodology, a creative practice and per-formative pedagogy that explores the relationships that occur between art, research and teaching practices.

Her work explores contemporary issues of humanity and the environment. Kimberly conducts research while simutaneously engaging in the creative process of drawing, painting and photography. During this process she reflects and discovers the interlocking relationships that emerge. She then transforms these relationships into visual understandings with the aim of communicating deeper understandings with the viewer.  

Current A/R/Tography Project: Places In Between

Places In Between is a collaborative art-research project, which is a collection of the UBC_Moi student teachers portraits that reveal the social realities of living, learning and teaching in the largest refugee camp in the world. These camps are located approximately 100 kilometres (60 mi) from the Kenya-Somalia border. The images simultaneously address and raise sociological questions and offer a compelling visual example of genre, race and migration.
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