Mega-Events: Olympics
vancouver2010 - olympic parody posters
Olympics SeriesOlympics Series
Vancouver2010 - Olympic Parody Posters 

This series of Vancouver 2010 Olympic parody posters investigate the concepts of mega-event policies such as Canadian Bill C-47, the Olympic and Paralympics Marks Act. This legislation provided the Vancouver Olympic organizers with extreme power and domination over the symbols and language linked with the Olympics. Furthermore, Kimberly addresses key issues and debates of homelessness, freedom of expression, the environment and the representation of place as a consumable commodity thorough her visual imagery. The intention of this work is to create a visual narrative that encourages and engages public dialogue and debate. She distributed these posters throughout the streets of Vancouver’s downtown core during the 2010 Olympic and Paralympic Games as a form of protest and to assert her right to freedom of expression under the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms freedom expression.

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